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Higher Ground Education Investor Brochure

Higher Ground is an education management platform
and the parent company for several brands. This 24-page brochure was created for investor relations and ongoing growth 
opportunities. The brochure is regularly updated.


Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI) Brochure

ATI is a network of Montessori middle and high schools
that promote independent thinking and creative learning.
This 6-panel brochure outlines course offerings and a
unique approach for intellectually curious young adults.


Guidepost Montessori Elementary Brochure

Guidepost Montessori is a network of 75+ schools that are under the umbrella of Higher Ground Education. This  6-page trifold highlights our elementary program. I successfully found interesting ways to visually break up the large amount of copy.


Sonim Technologies Datasheets

Sonim phones have an abundance of specifications and features. The layouts needed to be clean and consistent in order to allow the consumer to make the best choice for
their unique needs. Pictured is a standard sell sheet.

Thorvin Brochure.jpg

Thorvin for Animals Brochure

I created the Thorvin look and feel by starting with the logo and following up with their trifold brochure. Their kelp was very specific to their product, and had to be 100% perfectly represented in all of their collateral.

Thorvin Sell Sheet.png

Thorvin for Animals Sell Sheet

The amount of information in this two-sided sell sheet
drove the design. I followed my own guidelines to create a clear and organized representation of the feed guidelines
and specifications. 


Sonim Technologies Case Study

The Sonim product line was extensive, each product sharing many features, but was unique in it's own way. These "case studies" highlighted how Sonim phones would enhance any business. I produced no fewer than twelve case studies.


The Cathedral of Christ the Light Sell Sheet

The Cathedral, located in Oakland, CA is an architectural masterpiece. In addition to providing a place of worship, this unique space offered venue options for special events. This sell sheet highlighted weddings and company sales events.  

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