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Logos B.jpg


These are some of my favorite original logos: American Farms, City of San Francisco Jobs Portal, Natural Dental Alliance, Oceanic Pools and Hart Yacht Services. My personal favorite is the dental alliance. Who doesn't love a molar icon?

Logos A.jpg


These are some of my favorite original logos: Thorvin, DreamSculpt Media, Community First, Recognize Newark and Lincoln Park Community Farm. My personal favorite is Thorvin.
It was a labor of love to illustrate the kelp perfectly.


Higher Ground Education Leadership Collateral

Higher Ground hosts leadership training retreats which
require a fresh look and feel each year. The logo I created
is based on the company logo, but illustrates the synergy between the five brands .


Business Cards

I have done a bazillion business cards but I picked three of my favorites. I really like the Viridian card because the client supplied me with amazing imagery. She loves that rock and used it in her landscape architecture on a regular basis.

Thorvin Presentstion Folder.png

Thorvin for Animals Presentation Folder

I designed all of the new collateral for Thorvin, and had a lot fun designing this folder. The kelp image was very flexible, as well as the kelp art in the logo. I also became a client of the company! My horse enjoyed his kelp in his feed every day.

Thorvin Stationary.jpg

Thorvin for Animals Stationery

There was no specific challenge to create the stationery system. The branding was already in place. I followed my own guidelines and enhanced the design with branded elements. (e.g., the ghosted kelp art on the back of the business card).


Sonim Technologies Brand Guidelines

I am a brand champion. I will always find ways to emphasize the importance of brand awareness and adhering to guidelines. Without it, a brand can become infected with rogue designs that do not align with the company mission.


Susan Kelly Graphic Design

My own identity! My freelance business name was formerly Showercap Productions. Yes, that is me, at 1 1/2 years old.
I have used elements from my design throughout the years
and enjoyed the positive feedback (and laughs) from clients.

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