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What about me?


Born and raised in Ohio, my creative influence came from my father who was a professional photographer. I began my career as a classically trained flute player and then studied stand-up comedy in NYC before settling into graphic design. 


My coworkers would say that I am responsive, resilient, and efficient. They would also say that my self-awareness, patience, and ability to take feedback well makes me a pleasure to work with in a collaborative environment. I enjoy working on a team to complete design projects as I know it takes many minds and skills to get the job done. My great sense of humor comes in handy when the pressure is on and everyone just needs a good laugh. 

When I am not working, I am most definitely on a hike with my dogs or on horseback. If you are an animal person, we already have so much in common! I hope you will enjoy this photo of me and my late horse, Yogi.


Thanks for visiting my website! 

To learn more, please click here to download my resume.


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