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Guidepost Montessori Parent Furniture Catalog

The challenge was to create a Montessori furniture catalog for parents during the height of COVID in order to continue their children’s education at home as well as using authentic Montessori furniture. This successful and very clear guide also insured enrollment retention. 


Rebekah Children's Services

The team requested an annual report that represented
​yearly statistics in a warm and colorful way. I urged the team to leave room for as many images as possible without sacrificing pertinent information. We compromised and ended up with a beautiful presentation to stakeholders.


The Kapor Center SMASH Report

The request: to elevate the SMASH report using a wider
range of graphs and statistics,
in a thoughtful and clean format. This report was distributed to investors as well as several corporate and individual supporters for underrepresented people of color, especially in STEM. 

TM-Annual Report.jpg

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters did not have a comprehensive annual
report. Using the style guides and templates I created in
order to elevate all of their branding, I was able to present
a more visually exciting recap of their business. 


Sonim Sales Guide

Sonim had a very extensive product line of ultra-rugged phones. This spiral bound piece was a dual guide: each side featured a best selling model. Consistency was the key in creating an easy to read representation of a wide range of specifications.


Kapor Center Tech Levers Report

This Tech Levers Report used a wide range of graphs and statistics, which needed to be presented in a thoughtful
and clean way, but with a very corporate feel and no imagery.
I employed the use of various types of graphs to engage
the reader in addition to adding pops of color. 

San Francisco Children's Games

This was a program book for the San Francisco Children's Games. I was given icons and a logo from the agency and was tasked to bring the book to life. These are sample
pages featuring various ways I used the art. I also created
all outdoor signage.


Sonim Technologies Accessories Catalog

Sonim had a very extensive product line. This 12-page accessories catalog needed to have a clean layout, be easy 
to read and creatively enhanced. I designed a wide variety
of icons to help depict the unique features of these phones.

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