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NSVF 2.png

New Schools Venture Fund Event Signage

NSVF contracted me to design their trade show signage
for their annual conference, which was once again, a
huge success. I was also contracted for the previous year. 
In addition to providing the completed assets, I was also tasked with the setup at the San Francisco Marriot.


Blueshift Nutrition

Blueshift is a startup and recently began attending trade shows to gain popularity and new customers. I was tasked 
to create floor banners and tabletop flyers to attract traffic. On the first day, the company signed up 72 new customers!


Thorvin for Animals

I was contracted to create a comprehensive brand overhaul, starting with the logo and stationary system, continuing on with marketing collateral, and adding event materials. They use a very specific kelp that is harvested in Iceland, and the representation of that kelp in the logo and all collateral had to be perfect. 

Final Logos.jpg


These are some of my favorite logos I have created
over the years. I am most proud of the Thorvin logo since
the task was to use their very specific Icelandic kelp in
the design. The client was really happy that I was able to recreate this exact representation. 


Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies

SIMS contacted Higher Ground to assist with their branding. My design partner provided the logo and new art while my task was to bring it to life. SIMS introduced their new assets at a local trade show.


Higher Ground Education 

Higher Ground hosts leadership training retreats which
require a fresh look and feel each year. The logo I created
is based on the company logo, but illustrates the synergy between the five brands.


Polis World School

Polis World School was a Mandarin Immersion school in NYC. They requested event signage and tabletop materials, which are pictured here. I always loved designing with their Mondrian-esqe design.

BTO Stationary.jpg

BilllionToOne Stationary

BillionToOne is the parent company of UNITY. The challenge was to use the updated BillionToOne branding and find a way to marry the new look and feel with the existing UNITY branding. 

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