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BSFT- Email #1.jpg

Blueshift Nutrition: Email #1

The challenge was to redesign and elevate an email campaign, named "The Welcome Journey," targeting customers who signed up to receive emails but have not yet placed an order. Email #1 was a "Welcome to Blueshift" and introductory offer. 

BSFT- Email #2.jpg

Blueshift Nutrition: #2

This is the continuation of "The Welcome Journey,"
as well as testimonials for the product. Special offers
were introduced and ordering increased by 15%.

BSFT- Email #3.jpg

Blueshift Nutrition: Email #3

"The Welcome Journey" continued with emphasis on the
scientific technology behind the product. Consumer engagement continued to climb, as did frequency of orders.

BSFT- Email #4.jpg

Blueshift Nutrition: #4

The last email of "The Welcome Journey,"series consisted of drilling down and emphasizing what differentiated Blueshift from other nutritional supplements that were associated with hydration. In the end, overall ordering increased by 20% and the company continues to grow and thrive.


Guidepost Montessori Instagram

COVID required our schools to pivot to virtual and in-home learning. We found a variety of ways to provide our parents with proper Montessori materials. This Instagram give-a-way was one of our promotions. The parent panel was a one-off post to encourage parent participation.


The Prepared Montessorian Instagram & Facebook

This 24-hour event featured a variety of speakers and activities for a wide range of professionals in the education industry. I created these Instagram templates for the speaker series and WeChat for promoting the event.



The challenge was to provide social media headers that gave the employees flexibilty as well as personal choice, especially with LinkedIn. In addition, I chose designs that amplified the mission statement of the company, as well as highlighting that BillionToOne is a biotech company.



The challenge was to provide Zoom templates that accommodated variables such as hair color and outfit choices. The designs also needed to maximize company exposure but not detract from the meeting at hand.



The challenge was to create co-branded social media and Zoom assets for the BillionToOne premiere product line.
They needed to compliment the BillionToOne assets as well as highlight the UNITY brand.


The Prepared Montessorian Instagram

I created these Instagram TV video cover templates for the Prepared Montessorian team. The team has a wide range of speakers on a weekly basis and the ask was for branded, consistent and fun covers to enhance the experience.

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