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Guidepost Montessori Virtual School FlipBook

COVID required our schools to pivot to virtual learning.
I created this virtual FlipBook that replaced in-person tours and one-to-one meetings with parents and heads of schools.
Click here to view the FlipBook. 

Web Banners.png

Avon Products eHeaders

I worked for Avon Products in NYC in the editorial department. There came a need for branded headers on landing pages.
I created these e-headers for a variety of 
topics that engaged interest for the representatives.

EM-eBook 2.png

Educational Measures eBook

Educational Measures is an engagement tech service and their product is Array, a presentation software solution. I was initially hired to create print and digital ads, but this grew to creating ebooks. Here are selected pages from their first 17 page book.


Guidepost Montessori Instagram

COVID required our schools to pivot to virtual and in-home learning. We found a variety of ways to provide our parents with proper Montessori materials. This Instagram give-a-way was one of our promotions. The parent panel was a one-off post.


The Prepared Montessorian Instagram and Facebook

This 24-hour event featured a variety of speakers and activities for a wide range of professionals in the education industry.
I created these Instagram templates for the speaker series and WeChat for promoting the event.


The Prepared Montessorian Instagram

I created these Instagram TV video cover templates for the Prepared Montessorian team. The team has a wide range of speakers on a weekly basis and the ask was for branded, consistent and fun covers to enhance the experience.

Digital Ads-edited.png

Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI) Digital Ads

Here are a few digital ads I created for a new ATI campus in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. I repurposed this ad for several other campuses in order to elevate the perception of our schools in new communities.

Blog Infographics.jpg

Guidepost Montessori Blog Posts

I was asked to create a series of infographics for early childhood learning. The creative brief came from the content team. The Montessori from birth needed to be scalable horizontally and vertically as we added age groups.

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